fake it till you make it

Zrzut ekranu 2018-11-21 o 15.15.13

Because I always wanted to be a musician (but I wasn’t), I was sometimes getting on the stage during other people’s concerts, faking it just for the photo.
Then, with time, I started up a band Sorja Morja with a friend.
In 2017-18 we played around 20 concerts, also on big festivals like Opener and OFF.
We split in October [*]

la vase (ideal work)







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Everyday during two months of the residency in Quebec I was picking up and treating (manually filtring, drying, wedging) mud from the St. Lauren river to the point that it was clay-like, so I could practice throwing pots with it. That was my daily physically hard, but soothing workflow I established by myself. At the end of residency I put all the unfired results to the river and the tight took it back.

La vase (fr.) – vase, mud

Work was made at the residency Est-Nord-Est and Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes, a Saint-Jean-Port Joli, Quebec, 2017



canvas adriana
Adriana ♥️ was working more intensively than I during the residency.
We became friends and we spent a lot of time talking, while she was making her works.
I enjoyed this one especially, so I asked if that could be my work as well and she agreed.

sky photos



Three photos I took of the biggest sky I saw in my life, laying with friends on a canadian field at 4 am.
I found this place later in google, the sky was still there, had almost the same color